2022 Term 2 Application Form of the Korean class is open on 12 April.

교육원 강좌
Korean Class at KEC
뉴질랜드 한국교육원에서는 매주 주중 저녁 시간(6:00-8:00)에 뉴질랜드 거주 성인 외국인을 대상으로 수준별 한국어 강좌와 서예 강좌무료로 운영하고 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 게시물을 참고하시기 바랍니다.

 ◎  Eligibility: New Zealand citizens and Foreigners(not a Native Korean) residing in New Zealand (Uni. students and Adults)

 ◎  Operation course: Korean Language Classes and Calligraphy Class.

 ◎  Course details: 

   - 9 Korean language classes are divided into 4 levels and each level has two or       three groups.

              Level: Foundation → Beginner → Intermediate → Advanced  

   - The KEC runs all levels of classes both on-line and off-line on different days.

   - 1 Calligraphy class(one group)  

         ※ Applicants can choose both the Korean class and Calligraphy simultaneously.

         ※ Korean class is not a mandatory option to apply for the Calligraphy. 


         ※ Korean club is only for alumni.


 ◎  Place and time:

   - Location: Korean Education Center in New Zealand (7Level, 63Albert St. Auckland CBD) 

   - Period: 4-Term system (approximately 20 weeks, six months for each level)

   - Time: Every Monday to Friday, once a week for about 2 hours(6:00-8:00 pm.)

        ※ Please refer to the detailed timetable below.

 ◎ Application for 2023 Term1 ( ~31.Jan.2023) 



교육원 강좌 안내

2022 Term 2 Application Form of the Korean class is open on 12 April.

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2022 Term 2 the Application Form of the Korean class is open to the applicants from 12 April (12:00 pm.) until 19 April 2022(17:00 pm.)


Hello students,

You can now access the Course Application Form for the Korean class for Term 2, 2022. Term 2 class will be online, and please choose your current level following the guideline that each level lasts for the six-month course.

If you want to register for the class this term, please apply through the KEC website application provided below.


Application form for the Korean class of Term 2:


 More information will be sent via your email with the confirmation, which you get around the last week of April 2022.

If you have any inquiries, please email at nzkoreanonline1@gmail.com(Esther Choi)