2023 Term 2 Free Korean class is now applicable.

교육원 강좌
Korean Class at KEC
뉴질랜드 한국교육원에서는 매주 주중 저녁 시간(6:00-8:00)에 뉴질랜드 거주 성인 외국인을 대상으로 수준별 한국어 강좌와 서예 강좌무료로 운영하고 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 게시물을 참고하시기 바랍니다.

 ◎ Eligibility: 

   - New Zealand citizens and Residents (not a Native Korean) residing 

     in New Zealand (for Uni. and Adults students only)   

 ◎ Operation course: 

   - Korean Language Classes and Calligraphy Class.

 ◎ Course details: 

   - 8 Korean language classes are divided into 4 levels and each level has two 


      Level: Foundation → Beginner → Intermediate → Advanced  

   - KEC runs all levels of classes both on-line and off-line on different days.

   - Calligraphy class 

     ※ There will be a Calligraphy class in Term 1.


   - K-Club

     ※ The Korean club is only for alumni. (fortnightly)


 ◎ Place and time:

   - Location: Korean Education Center in New Zealand (7Level, 63Albert St. Auckland CBD) 

   - Period: 2 Semester-system (approximately 20 weeks, six months for each level)

   - Time: Every Monday to Friday, once a week for about 2 hours (6:00-8:00 pm.)

      ※ Please refer to the detailed Term 1 timetable.

 ◎ Application for 2024 Term 1: 

   - The application for Term 1 Korean class is open on 8 December,2023 (2:00 pm~)

     and will be closed on 29 December,2023.

   - Applicants will get a confirmation email by 21 January,2024 once the application 

     is accepted.

   ※ Only the applications submitted within the application period

      (08 December~29 December,2023) will be considered as eligible ones.

     You should apply again if you already submitted your application earlier than the

     informed period, it is not valid.

교육원 강좌 안내

2023 Term 2 Free Korean class is now applicable.

한국교육원 0 884

The 2023 Term 2 KEC Korean Class is now applicable!

Hello students,

The application form for the Korean class in term 2 is open (on 28 March (3 pm)-11 April (5 pm), 

please refer to the 2023 Term 1 & 2 Timetable and Overview of each level before applying for your class.

1) Korean class will be open both onsite and online with Zoom.

2) The calligraphy class in term 2 will be onsite only, starting on 2 May 2023. (On Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm.)

3) Korean Club is only open to the students who graduated from the KEC advanced course.

4) (Important!): As the Term 2 foundation class is not a fresh intake from the first session, 

                               the new Foundation applicants in term two must know how to read and pronounce the Korean consonants and vowels to apply for the foundation class in term 2.

                               Or we highly recommend that new foundation applicants with insufficient experience in reading and writing Korean alphabets apply in term 3. 

Only the applications submitted during the valid registration period will be accepted.

It is not applicable to apply for the course after the valid period. 

Therefore, please apply for one class only on the KEC website between 28 March- 11 April (by 5 pm).

You will get a confirmation email around the third week (14-18) of April 2023, and KEC Korean class will begin on 24 April 2023.

Please be aware of the guidelines of the attendance requirement for the next term registration.

You must meet the 70% of Attendance in term 2 to apply for the next term class.

In each period, you are registering for one class only; also, you may move to another level or class

in two weeks in the only case of being permitted by the KEC when the current level or class day does not fit you.


If you have any inquiries, please email us at nzkoreanonline1@gmail.com.