2018 58th TOPIK - Test of Proficiency in Korean (Venue information)
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Please read below information carefully regarding TOPIK.

■ Testing venue: 

◦ Cornell Institute of Business & Technology (150 Hobson St, Auckland, 1010) * NOT THE ONE ON QUEEN ST.

◦ Room 305 (Level 3)


■ The announcement of the test result

◦ Date: After 28th June 2017

- KEC will receive all the result and will send out to the individual examinees.  Please let us know if you address has changed.

- You can also check your score online by clicking here.


■ Important Notice

- Examinees must bring their Identification slip* AND ID (ID must be either passport or driver's license) on the day of the test. (If you are not sure if you ID is appropriate, please confirm with Korean Education Centre)

*If you haven’t received the Identification slip by 16th March, please contact us.

- Multiple-choice questions must be filled with the double-sided pen which will be provided by the test venue.

- Short-answer questions or essays need to be written with the thin side of the double-sided pen.

- All cell phones must be switched off and handed-in to the instructors.

※ For any other inquiries, please contact KEC. (09-303-2625 / nzkoreanedu@gmail.com)


It is important that you check this email regularly as we are going to send important notices regarding TOPIK.

Thank you.



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