Korea Festival 2019 in NZ Schools Guide
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APPLY NOW! - Korean Festival in 2019 in NZ School

New Zealand schools in Auckland (limited vacancies for other regions) have the opportunity to apply special activities that increase students’ knowledge and understanding of Korea. The professional instructors will visit your school and run Korean cultural classes for your students. The programme can be arranged in your regular timetable (e.g., Taekwondo as a PE and K-pop classes as a Dance class, etc.) or also be organized as holiday/afterschool programme and school club/extracurricular activities.

 All costs are covered by the Korean government, and the schools need to meet all the requirements (venues and facilities) and the number of participating students when applying. 

- Complete the application form and obtain signed approval from your principal.
- Scan and email to nzkoreanedu@gmail.com by Friday, 5 July 2019.

For more information, please find the attached information.