Changes in Week 1 Korean class schedule from KEC(Offline) to Zoom(Online)
글쓴이 : 칸컴즈 날짜 : 21-02-02 12:37 조회 : 595
Hello to the student of the Korean Education Centre,

Hope you are doing well and ready for the term 1 Korean class.
With the current situation of the two new Auckland community case, and counting on public health,
the Korean Education Centre decided to have the first-week class as Zoom class instead of class at the Korean Education Centre.

So, your teacher will send you the Zoom link before the class.
Please email at your class teacher if you don't have the link for the class.
(The details are on your precious confirmation email.)

For the offline class, which will be on week 5 (From 1st to 5th of March), a further announcement will be notified before the class either by your teacher or me.

*Attention to Intermediate 1A students:
The first class, which is on the 15 of February, will be Zoom.
April Hwang will provide you with the link before the class by email.