2020 Korean Speech Competition Result Announcement
글쓴이 : 칸컴즈 날짜 : 20-11-16 10:29 조회 : 959
Hello to you,

Thank you for participating in the 2021 Korean Competition.
There were 42 participants this year, and here we are pleased to announce the 15 winners.
* For the rest of the participants, there will be Enthusiasm Prizes and gifts.

Intermediate School Division

1st Prize: Blessing Moevao (Henderson Intermediate School)
2nd Prize: Ching-ya Hu (Kowhai Intermediate School)
        Anna Sibi (Mt. Roskill Intermediate School)
        Janie Lai (Waikowhai Intermediate School)
3rd Prize: Olive Evans (Balmoral Intermediate School)
              Esther Huang (Kowhai Intermediate School)
              Michelle He (Green Bay School)

Secondary School Division

1st Prize: Tim Bettin (Waiheke High School)
2nd Prize: Eilish Skeet (Solway College)

Tertiary/Adult Division

Beginner Division

1st Prize: Abigail Yeo
3rd Prize: Chris Smith

Intermediate Division

1st Prize: Mark Carter
3rd Prize: Kira Dergacheva

Advanced Division

1st Prize: Shuyue Yan
2nd Prize: Peng Yeh (Denise)