2020 K-Pop Contest Online✨
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2020 K-Pop Contest Online✨
The Korean Embassy is organising K-Pop Contest in New Zealand Online to acknowledge the passion for K-Pop fans who wish to show their talents despite the cancellation of 2020 Changwon K-Pop Contest because of Covid19.
📌1 Any K-Pop fans living in New Zealand are welcome to apply😆
📌2 Submit your performance to us by 👀Friday 23 October.
📌3 Your performance will be evaluated by judges and also followers of our Facebook pages.
Please read the requirements below to apply.
Look forward to receiving your applications!!
You can enter the PERFORMANCE or VOCAL category as a team or individual by submitting your video online by Friday 23 October.
■ Type of Performance: Vocal / Dance performance
■ How to Enter
1. Upload your K-Pop Performance or Vocal video to YouTube.
Your video must:
- Clearly show your performance under well-lit conditions
- Record your voice distinctly
- Include tight, full shots of your performance
2. Submit your online application here: https://forms.gle/5R9RF6WCFoYGNQ2JA
※ If your entry is for a team, include details for all team members.
3. Entries close on Friday 23 October 2020.
■ Audition Guidelines
1. Performance Category
a. Enter as an individual or team.
b. Maximum size of a team is eight, and should not exceed the number of members. of the covered K-POP group. (e.g. Team covering BTS can have up to seven people.)
 * Record of you singing is not mandatory for performance team this year.
c. Only ONE K-pop song (Original song in Korean) is allowed.
2. Vocal Category
a. Enter as an individual or team.
b. Team sizes are as follows:
- The total number of vocal and backup dancers (maximum 2) should not exceed the number of members of the covered K-Pop group.
 (e.g. A team covering BTS can be organised either 6 vocals with a 1 backup dancer or 5 vocals with two backup dancers.)
c. Only ONE K-pop song (Original song in Korean) is allowed for the vocal category.
d. Record your voice(s) using instrumental audio/accompaniment without the original singer’s voice. DO NOT record your voice over the original singer.
■ Judging
1. NZ Preliminary Round will be judged by judging panels in the Embassy.
2. NZ Final Round will be judged by the scores from the Preliminary Round and participation on audiences (number of likes in the video) through K-Culture Facebook Page on 16 – 19 November.
3. Results of the NZ Final Round will be announced on the last day (20 November) via K-Culture Facebook Page.
4. This year’s winner won’t be able to attend the final in Korea but will receive an award and souvenir.
■ Eligibility
❗️The competition is open to ANY K-POP FANS living in New Zealand❗️
■ Questions and Inquiries
Contact the Korean Embassy at info-nz@mofa.go.kr or message us via Facebook!