Notification of changes in 69th TOPIK exam and Addition application for the TOPIK 70th
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: The 70th TOPIK Application Form Auckland 7.11.docx (117.2K), Down : 6, 2020-04-16 13:13:11
: The 70th TOPIK Application Form Auckland 7.11.pdf (389.0K), Down : 3, 2020-04-16 13:13:11

Due to consideration of the TOPIK Test taker's safety and health in this world with widely spreading Covid-19 case and to cooperate New Zealand's government's firm policy in protecting the people living in New Zealand, the Korean Education Centre is announcing to the change in 69th TOPIK exam which was to take on 23rd May (Saturday) to 70th TOPIK on 11th July (Saturday)

1. Changed Test Date: 11th July 2020 (Saturday)
-TOPIK 1: 9:00 AM (Entry time by 9:10)
-TOPIK 2: 12:10 PM (Entry time by 12:20)

2. Notification of the Registration Numbers and Venue Confirmation
: on 15th June (Monday)
-Through the Korean Education Website and personal e-mail

3. The test result will be on 20th August 2020

4. Addition Application: Refer to the 70th TOPIK Poster
-Period: From 16th April 2020(Thursday) to 15th May 2020(Friday)
-How to apply: Post or e-mail (No on-site application due to COVID 19)
-Application fee: TOPIK 1 (40.00 NZD) TOPIK 1 (50.00 NZD)

5. Inquiries
-Tel: (+64) 9-303-2625
If you are not able to take the TOPIK 70th Test due to personal reasons, the KEC will refund the full application fee(100%).
Please let us know by 11th May via E-mail.