Class Cancellation 교육원 수업 휴강건
글쓴이 : 칸컴즈 날짜 : 20-03-20 13:46 조회 : 1140
This is to announce the cancelling of the classes from week 8 to week 10 (From 23rd March to 9th April) for the Korean Classes.

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 situation and following the policy of the New Zealand Government's strong policy in preventing the social spreading of Covid-19, the Korean Education Centre has made a decision to close the classes for the rest of the term 1.

The KEC is considering other ways to keep up with the Korean Language Learning at the Centre for the term 2. (Eg. online classes)
We will be evaluating this week by week, and staying in contact via mail for the ones who make a Google Form Registration, as we work out other ways of 'Learning the Korean Language'.
For the existing students, I am giving you the link to register.
If you consider continuing the study, please make a registration using the Google Form provided below.

If you have any concerns please let me know.